A Beautiful Exchange Blog is the website version of your girl pajama party. Remember those cute conversations you have with your girl BFFs about your boy problems, sex life, and what clothes to wear? We will have interesting discussions about these, answer some of your burning questions, and tackle the stories that you send us as we feature them on the website.

We really believe that women are from Mars, and are far different from men in a lot of things. Ask the guys! They can prove that we are sometimes can get unpredictable. We cannot even understand what we want most of the time. Our team mostly consists of women who love these girly talky, and the guys give us a different perspective of these topics, so we got that covered!

The internet allows us to conveniently talk about a lot of things, even if we are not in the same room. We can even talk about things publicly online. With this amazing technology, we also need to talk about how to use it responsibly. We encourage women to talk. To responsibly voice out their minds, educate, inspire, and encourage other women.

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