‘I Felt Defenseless’: Seoul Mayor’s Secretary Speaks Out About Alleged Abuse

Her lawyer, who issued a statement on the day of Mayor Park Won-soon’s funeral, is calling for an investigation into accusations of sexual harassment.

Attention All Women: Trump Is Coming for Your Health Care

Even with a pandemic raging, the president wants the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act.

What’s Missing in the Effort to Stop Maternal Deaths

The U.S. could prevent two-thirds of deaths during or within a year of pregnancy, research suggests.

Trump vs. the Women Who Lead Michigan: A Battle With 2020 Implications

The president has picked fights with Michigan’s governor, attorney general and secretary of state over voting rights and the coronavirus. They haven’t backed down.

Valentina Sampaio Is the First Transgender Model for Sports Illustrated

The Brazilian model, who is in the magazine’s swimsuit issue, was also the first transgender woman to work for Victoria’s Secret and grace the cover of Vogue magazine.

America Needs an Emergency Meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club

Schools and day cares are still closed. Luckily, I have an eager 9-year-old neighbor.

Study of Coronavirus in Pregnant Women Finds Striking Racial Differences

About 10 percent of Black and Latino participants in a Philadelphia study of pregnant women had been exposed to the coronavirus, compared with 2 percent of white participants.

Marga Richter, Composer in a Male-Dominated Era, Dies at 93

During a career that began in the 1940s and stretched into this century, she often felt she and other women were slighted.