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What is a Sex Swing?

Are you bored of your mundane run-of-the-mill sex life? Are you craving some new fun and excitement to spice up those intimate sessions with your partner? Well, you can try a sex swing here. So, what is sex swing? Just as the name says, it’s a swing where you can enjoy sex and lovemaking with your partner. Couples who use sex swings have all the good words to say about the whole experience. According to them, the swing breathes new life and new thrill to your lovelife and transcends the pleasure to a whole new stellar level.

Defining sex swing

A sex swing comes with a harness which is especially designed to enable sexual intercourse in various positions. In this case, one partner will stay suspended on the swing while the other one will move freely. However, some of the modern sex swings allow both the partners to spin while on the swing. Most of the sex swings come with support for buttocks and back. Additionally, users will find stirrups for the legs that can be conveniently adjusted.

The swings are designed in such a way so that there is easy access to the suspended partner’s buttocks, perineum, genitalia & anal areas. You will mostly find sex swings in hammock style that holds the suspended partner in supine position with back down. The other popular variation is hanging-style sex swing. These swings come with a hung metal or wooden platform where the suspended partner reclines with back straight.

Most of the sex swings can be hung from the ceiling while you will also find sex swings with  stands that you can place anywhere. Then, there are door swings as well as spinning swings where both partners can it and spin.

What are the sex swings made of?

Unlike the usual swings that we see at parks, sex swings are not always made of wood. Nylon webbing is mostly used to make sex swings. The other important materials are leather, heavy canvas, neoprene and heavy rubber.

Benefits of sex swing

Sex swings are a beauty and always double up the excitement of getting closer to your partner. These sexual aides carry a bunch of tempting benefits that will inspire you to order for a swing immediately.

Assures amazing foreplay

We can’t deny the supreme importance of foreplay before intercourse. And a sex swing always assures a first-rate and unforgettable foreplay. These swings are strategically designed to help you attain the best positions for playing and teasing. No wonder why couples who have already used sex swings swear by these swings when it comes to a euphoric sexual life.

Allows versatile sex positions

This is another vital point of taking to sex swings. These swings allow you to successfully try out variety of sex and pleasure positions to make your love life even more special. Yes, you can try them on your bed or sofa but nothing can match the comfort and flexibility assured by a swing. Here is a brief on the different sex & pleasure positions you can enjoy with a sex swing.

On the knees

A sex swing will enable your partner to enjoy easier access to the nether regions compared to when you get intimate on bed. In this case, one partner will sit straight with her back on the swing while the other one can kneel down so that his mouth can be in direct touch with the suspended partner’s genital region.

Aerial rear sex

Would you love to have a new twist to your usual doggy-style inspired position where the girl either stands straight or kneels down? What if you could have it while being suspended in air? Sounds cool? You bet!

Well, a sex swing will allow you to experience the exclusive aerial doggy style intimacy that is not viable without a swing. In this case, one partner will sit on swing leaning forward while her feet stay hung. the other one will stand behind her and comfortably penetrate from the back.


Yes, you may have tried 69 plenty of times on bed but do you know the swing factor makes it even hotter? Yes, super hot in fact. The best part is with a swing you won’t need to bear your partner’s weight on your body. When it comes to exploring 69 on a swing- one partner will lie with his/her back on the swing.  Then, the other one will bend over the partner on the swing in such a way that his/her crotch sits on the face of the suspended partner.


How about a spin twist to your love life? Trust us, you are going to love it. But there is a catch- you cannot try spinning on your bed on anywhere else, other than a sex swing. There are sex swings available that are especially designed for spinning pose. In this case, both the partners sit on the swing facing each other. Now, the woman would simply slide down slowly on the man, tuck up the legs & spin to glory. This position is amazing for an explosive and out of the world 360-degree stimulation.

Stronger & longer playtime

As a sex swing keeps you happily suspended, you hardly feel tired or drained while exploring your sensual desires at their fullest. As a result, you and your partner can easily enjoy longer and stronger playtime. Once again, a sex swing is amazing to enhance your love life manifold.

Tips to buy a sex swing

We will wind up the discussion with few major tips on how to buy sex swing:

  • Always check the weight of the sex swing before buying. The last thing you want as you are just about to reach orgasm is to lose grip and crash down. So, embarrassing!
  • Think about the installation part while looking for a sex swing. Are you okay with the elaborate process of installing the swing to your ceiling? If you are okay, great! But if you are not, look for a one with a freestand.
  • Make sure the swing is comfortable enough. It’s good if the swing comes with thigh straps for additional support.
  • You must always check the reviews and get a comparative survey on 5-6 models before you finally settle with “the one”.

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